Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Glass by Ellen Hopkins

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
688 pages

Glass is the second verse novel of the trilogy about crystal meth-addict Kristina Georgia Snow. Glass is a well-written, interesting, and informative novel on a difficult issue.

Kristina became hooked on crystal meth after using it with a friend during a summer visit with her Dad in the previous novel Crank. She picks up the deadly habit again right after she gives birth to her first child, a boy named Hunter.

The progression of her drug addiction and her thought processes are very realistic. The way she rationalizes her bad decisions and denies her logical thinking are classic addiction symptoms.

Kristina's situation is frightening not only because her life is in danger, but her baby's life is at risk at well. Fortunately for her son, Kristina's mother and stepfather adopt him and save him from Kristina's irresponsibility.

The worst part about Kristina's struggles with the drug is her inability to recognize exactly how low she is sinking and where she is heading due to her addiction.

A young woman named Robyn who Kristina used to get meth from ended up leaving college and working in a whorehouse to pay for her meth dependency, yet Kristina uses Robyn as a client for her drug deals. Kristina's downward spiral causes her to lose custody of Hunter, but she doesn't really care.

The novel ends with Kristina and her boyfriend Trent's arrest and the series continues with the next book Fallout.

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